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Today the customer journey starts with searching online for an answer. Answer them with YEXT.Convert more business, reduce support costs, and uncover new insight about what matters most to your customers.


*This service is currently only offered in US, UK and Australia.*YEXT pricing is $99/m for non-Digital Suite users.


YEXT A.I. Power Listing Your Online Gamechanger

YEXT is a search-as-a-service platform that offers a wide range of AI-powered solutions for every business need. Brands of all sizes use YEXT to deliver best-in-class search and discovery experiences that convert more business, reduce support costs, and uncover new insight about what matters most to their customers. Consumers are able to easily find and discover what they want across web, mobile, and voice. AI Search solutions meet users at the moment of intent and provide frictionless digital experiences that drive real results.

  • Fix Inaccurate Listings

    With an industry-leading network of 70+ direct integrations, YEXT can fix bad data about your business, sometimes within seconds.

  • Stand Out In Local Search

    Make sure your business shows up when it counts. Get noticed with enhanced listings options like driving directions, menus, photos, business hours, and more.

  • control

    Take Control

    The minute your listings go live, our patented Match & Lock™ technology automatically scans, locates, and claims your existing business listings on every site in the extensive network.

Keyword Search is the past. A.I. Search is the future.

When you switch to YEXT, you deliver direct answers instead of a list of hyperlinks.

Keyword Search VS YEXT A.I. Search

Website+ Digital Suite

Get YEXT As Part Of Digital Suite Facilitate Fast Ranking For Your Website




OR $997 annualDesktop CRM + Mobile App

Website BuilderCRM*Instant Payment LinkEmail MarketingCalendar (Personal & Team)

Web Chat*Missed-Call-Text-Back2-Way Text & EmailFB Messenger

*GMB Messaging*GMB Call Tracking*Google LSA integration*FB Ad Leads integrationReputation Management

Optional add-ons:One-Page Strategic Website $499Website copywriting $295DFY Digital Suite Setup $295YEXT $49/m



OR $2997 annualDesktop CRM + Mobile App

All Essentials features

Additional PRO Features:InvoicingReportingFunnel

Included DFY Service:
1 Email/SMS Campaign per month

Optional add-ons:One-Page Strategic Website $299Website copywriting $295DFY Digital Suite Setup $295YEXT $29/m



OR $4997 annualDesktop CRM + Mobile App

All PRO features

Additional PRO+ Features:
Membership + Unlimited Courses
Social Media Auto-Post
Blog (upcoming)

Included DFY Services:1 Email/SMS Campaign per monthBirthday/Anniversary Campaign1 Blog Article per month1 Social Media Post per week

Optional add-ons:
One-Page Strategic Website $99
Website copywriting PRO+ $1
DFY Digital Suite Setup $295
YEXT PRO+ $1/m

Custom Design


designed from scratch

Hosting, Domain & SSL $49/m

30-45 Days deliberated setup High-touchpoint delivery

Optional add-ons:Website copywriting $995Branding & Logo Design $495

One-Page StrategicWebsite+


Select From Ready-To-Go Collection

Hosting, Domain & SSL $49/m

18-21 Days fast setupBrand Customization

Optional add-ons:Website copywriting $495Branding & Logo Design $495



E-Store, Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway, Popups, Survey, Forms, Funnel

Hosting, Domain & SSL $49/m

18-21 Days fast setupBrand Customization

Optional add-ons:
Website copywriting $495
Branding & Logo Design $495
Product Description $97 each item



per month

Min. 3 months commitment

$49/m for Essentials$1/m for PRO & PRO+

Website Copywriting


per website project

Unlimited changes

Logo & Branding


one-time fee

1 Logo DesignColor Palette DevelopmentBonus: Animated Logo

Unlimited changes

Blog Article



800-1000 words

Animated Logo



Delivered As mp4 or GIF

Social Media Post


per month

1 post per week

Posted to all connected channelsScheduled Auto-Post

“YEXT's platform provides the perfect solution for our mission to improve brand engagement and reach local customers in real time as they visit our store locations.”


Rachel Silva

AVP Marketing at Pep Boys

“Having incorrect information out there is probably the number one turn-off for a consumer. With YEXT, we’ve gone from the vast majority of our listings having a variety of errors, to having virtually none. That’s a win in my book.”


Joanna Linder

Director of Global Direct-To-Consumer Marketing, at Rockport

“Missing phone numbers, incorrect addresses — that is unacceptable in this day and age. YEXT provides a uniquely reliable platform to address that.”


John Dillon

CMO at Denny's


  • What's YEXT? Why all local business need YEXT?

    Online Listings by YEXT is an incredibly powerful SEO tool that creates backlinks and ensures your vital business info (address, operation hours, phone numbers, etc) is consistent across 70+ of the world's most reputable websites. 
    If you're looking for a quick way to drive more organic inbound messages, combine Yext's online listings with our Google My Business chat widget. This is something that any and every businesses can benefit from. 

  • How fast does YEXT populate my listings?

    Within an hour of setting up your business profile with YEXT, your business information will be visible across 70+ authority websites - that's how powerful and efficient YEXT technology is.

  • Why are my business listings wrong?

    Listings services like Google, Yelp, and Yahoo get their information from a variety of sources, such as public records, data aggregators, and user suggestions. An algorithm delivers what it believes is the most accurate answer to the user based on its assessment of each source’s authority and reliability. This complex set of inputs can often lead to inaccurate or outdated information.

  • Why do I need YEXT to update my listings?

    In many cases, business owners can manually update their information on each individual site. The benefit of using YEXT is that it sidesteps this manual effort, allowing you to claim, control, and enhance your listings across 70+ sites, all in one place — and often within seconds of submitting updates. In addition, Our technology prevents unauthorized updates and lets you enhance your listings with advanced content like photos, videos, hours of operation, menus, and more.

  • How much is YEXT and how can I start?

    YEXT is $99 per month when purchased as an a-la-carte item. Get YEXT complimentary with Digital Suite as it is inclusive for PRO plan onwards. Digital Suite Essentials plan users can get YEXT at 50% discounted rate at $49 per month.

  • How is getting YEXT from EmpireNext different from going to YEXT directly?

    The service you get is exactly the same. However getting YEXT directly will require commitment annually whereas with us the minimum commitment is only 3 months ($99/month) and after which you will be billed on monthly basis.  
    If you are our Website+ Digital Suite member, YEXT is included in all PRO and PRO+ plans. Essentials users can get YEXT with 50% discount at $49/month.

  • What happens if I cancel my YEXT subscription?

    We do not hold your data hostage. Cancelling your branded citation subscription does not overwrite the updates you have made through us, and our system will not force your listings to revert. If you cancel your subscription, our system simply no longer sends your digital knowledge to the sites in our network. Afterwards, your data becomes subject to the normal compilation process of each publisher, which may result in your listings changing over time.

  • I don't see the urgency to update my online listings.

    Your digital presence is as foundational as your business's signage. Broken listings is the same as losing sales.

  • I only care about Google rankings.

    In the search ecosystem, consistency equates authority and this matters everywhere.

  • I can't afford this now.

    Are you doing other forms of marketing, like billboard, radio, PPC etc? Why not consider diverting part of your marketing budget to consolidating and keeping your online information up-to-date? This forms integral part of marketing and contributes to the effectiveness of other forms of marketing.

  • Which countries do you cover?

    United States, UK and Australia.