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Why Work With Us

We pride ourselves as a serviced SaaS company (not agency), providing brand customize set up and other related digital services for users of our tech platform for online sale and marketing.  

We are here to empower the small business and solopreneurs to scale freely and massively, capitalizing on the power of online with confidence and success. It is our mission to build out for your business an effective digital revenue generating system that is automated for the highest efficiency.


Our Mission

Enable digital transformation for small business & solopreneurs. Get your business online quickly with ease and style at attractive price points.


Empowered For Growth

Grow and expand with the reassurance that we've got your back. Our ready-to-use platform ensures speed and reliability, designed to handle volume whether you have 30, 300 or 3000 customers.


Why Use Us?

Skip expensive, slow custom development and get your own online revenue generating digital assets from us. We make things simple to deliver value. No consultants no engineers needed. No need to pay us hefty fees because we are NOT an agency.


Enhanced Communication

Connect with your customers from wherever you are from your mobile. Our proprietary mobile app streamlines your conversations in one place. Work together with your customers closely to fulfil requests or resolve customer issues timely and efficiently with communication made so easy.


Accelerate Digital Transformation

Extend your digital "real estate" accumulatively over time. Multiply customer touchpoints at pre-, during, and post-product/service experience. Nurture and cultivate long term customer relationship. In this age of digital technology, get onboard or get left behind!


    Wide audience
    Global exposure
    Market your name
    Effective communication


    Consistent Revenue
    Collect payment online
    Immediate invoicing
    Ad-hoc billing


    Impact community
    Increased review
    Create trust


    New and old customers
    Multiple touchpoints
    Constant visibility
    Repeated sales

How To Grow Your Business Online Successfully?

Step 1: Mobile-First Website

Today, it’s all about RESULTS. The sole purpose of a business website is to attract visitors and turn them into customers. We believe that website design is about how things work and not just how it looks. So if you can turn a random visitor into a paying customer, your website design works. And that’s what we are experts at. Because our world today is so mobile-dependent, our websites are designed with the "mobile first" concept to ensure the best online experience for mobile users.

Built Using The Latest Web Builder Technology & Primed For Search Engines

Mobile-1st Fast Loading Website


Add this evergreen revenue generating system to support your website

Step 2: Digital Suite

Share your business goals and we will set up your website platform with services for max performance

100% Reach, 98% Open Rates.

Every Customer Interaction Is A Chance To Make Them Feel Special



Website with QR CodeShare your website by flashing your QR code. That's how the post-pandemic world works today. Flash your QR code and get connected.


Unified Customer Management DashboardManage your messages with a single inbox for text, Facebook messages, Google messages, and more. Grow your audience and know where new leads are coming from with D-Suite's easy-to-use CRM. Easily import existing leads to make client communication a cinch!


Webchat with 2-Way SMSConvert more website visitors into leads & sales conversations with Webchat. Acquire new business on autopilot.


Google My Business ChatWe help claim your Google business profile and hook your system up with GMB chat. We have business owners getting calls from customer literally the next minute!


Consolidated Communication on Mobile AppRequest reviews, connect with website visitors, collect payments, respond to Facebook & Google Messages, and market to customers and leads all from your app. Reach your customers wherever they are.


Video Recording Feature in AppSurprise your customer with a video message whether it is reaching out or responding to a question. Making video cannot be easier when it merely entails tapping a button on the app.


Missed-Call Text BackPrompt response makes the customer feel good and attended to. When you are unable to respond immediately, have the system automation follow up via text so you never lose another customer


Collect PaymentMake paying as quick and convenient as possible for your customers with a secure payment link delivered right to their phone. Easy text-2-pay client invoicing. Simplify your client invoicing and get paid faster. One-time or recurring invoice.


Reputation ManagementAutomate your online reviews with a few simple clicks & respond to reviews in 1 place. Automated review request can be set up to send out for every completed job. Issues can be addressed asap. Negative reviews can be disputed easily. Improve your ratings and build your reputation to win more business.


EmailSet up text email or build attention grabbing graphic emails inside our platform easily.


CalendarPowerful features include team members, multiple services, varying time allocation per meeting, equal distribution or priority allocation etc. Automated alerts, DIY cancellations and rescheduling.


Bio Link Page This is your Digital Namecard with QR code. Flash your QR code and the other will get your contact info, chat app link, social media profile and a brief intro of what you are about in one go.


Google Local Services Ad (LSA)We connect your account and calendar with LSA so that you can get booked directly on Google - so powerful and cost-saving.


Revenue ReportingKnow your figures. Revenue, profit, ad ROI, incoming/outgoing money


Sales Pipeline VisibilitySee in one glance and know with precision how many potential customers in your opportunity pipelines segmented according to stage of the sales process


Online Course Membership SiteBuild unlimited course with drip feature and give access to unlimited members. Put a price tag on or give it out for free.


Loyalty Program Coupons & Promotion Set up birthday and/or anniversary specials for existing customers. Plan ahead and set up campaigns for annual public holidays like New Year, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Black Friday etc.


Digital Asset Real EstateBlog. Social media (FB, IG, Linkedin) posts. Schedule and post contents from your D-Suite. Add-on the content package for us to produce contents for you on regular basis.




OR $997 annualDesktop CRM + Mobile App

Website BuilderCRM*Instant Payment LinkEmail MarketingCalendar (Personal & Team)

Web Chat*Missed-Call-Text-Back2-Way Text & EmailFB Messenger

*GMB Messaging*GMB Call Tracking*Google LSA integration*FB Ad Leads integrationReputation Management

Optional add-ons:One-Page Strategic Website $499Website copywriting $295DFY Digital Suite Setup $295YEXT Essentials $49/m



OR $2997 annualDesktop CRM + Mobile App

All Essentials features

Additional PRO Features:InvoicingReportingFunnel

Included DFY Service:
1 Email/SMS Campaign per month

Optional add-ons:One-Page Strategic Website $299Website copywriting $295DFY Digital Suite Setup $295YEXT PRO $29/m



OR $4997 annualDesktop CRM + Mobile App

All PRO features

Additional PRO+ Features:
Membership + Unlimited Courses
Social Media Auto-Post
Blog (upcoming)

Included DFY Services:1 Email/SMS Campaign per monthBirthday/Anniversary Campaign1 Blog Article per month1 Social Media Post per week

Optional add-ons:
One-Page Strategic Website $99
Website copywriting PRO+ $1
DFY Digital Suite Setup $295
YEXT PRO+ $1/m

Custom Design


designed from scratch

Hosting, Domain & SSL $49/m

30-45 Days deliberated setup High-touchpoint delivery

Optional add-ons:Website copywriting $995Branding & Logo Design $495

One-Page StrategicWebsite+


Select From Ready-To-Go Collection

Hosting, Domain & SSL $49/m

18-21 Days fast setupBrand Customization

Optional add-ons:Website copywriting $495Branding & Logo Design $495



E-Store, Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway, Popups, Survey, Forms, Funnel

Hosting, Domain & SSL $49/m

18-21 Days fast setupBrand Customization

Optional add-ons:
Website copywriting $495
Branding & Logo Design $495
Product Description $97 each item



per month

Min. 3 months commitment

$49/m for Essentials$1/m for PRO & PRO+

Website Copywriting


per website project

Unlimited changes

Logo & Branding


one-time fee

1 Logo DesignColor Palette DevelopmentBonus: Animated Logo

Unlimited changes

Blog Article



800-1000 words

Animated Logo



Delivered As mp4 or GIF

Social Media Post


per month

1 post per week

Posted to all connected channelsScheduled Auto-Post

Other Tools vs Website+ Digital Suite

Save a fortune while still having every tool needed for a high functioning digital software service that your business needs to succeed online


You Are Just One Step Away To Online Success

Turn Your Ideas Into Revenue Generating Automated Sales Marketing System


About Us

As a serviced SaaS company, modeling after the "service apartment" concept from real estate, we provide full service of backend SaaS setup so that our new users can hit the ground and start running from the beginning within days of signing up. Our team stands behind our users to support your sales and marketing needs using the system, so that no need to spend time on learning the technicalities of setting up the platform, as well as set up automation system to support your sales and marketing campaign. All you need to do is to USE IT (often also the fun part)! Just tell us what you are trying to accomplish and we will set up the system to run your campaign.
We built our platform with the small business and solopreneurs in mind, helping business owners stay relevant in this post-pandemic world and focus on serving people at a higher level. With the right digital tools & resources, our users are able to engage with their customers quickly with ease, in turn bringing overall customer experience to a higher level. Having a well-connected automated system reduces manual updating, errors, missing out messages etc., and more importantly, bring in revenue on autopilot.
Our mission is to empower businesses to achieve their goals. We believe the right tools and automation can help improve everyone's life whether you are a business owner or the very customer engaging with that business. We've built an all-in-one customer experience sales marketing system, coupled with a convenient mobile app for daily usage, to help your business with very core essential digital features for maximum efficiency, amplifying the positive impact our users have in their community while building out niche authority as the go-to person.

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"Where else can you get texting, email, phone, voice drop in one platform?... I see this as the software of the future. Setting your internal team and your clients' up for success."


Christina Nelson

Align Studio for Pilates

“It used to be that the digital marketing space was about lead generation... If you were clever, you did a little bit of follow up, but EmpireNext has taken it to another level... The name is so appropriate."


Alastair Macartney

“This helped my business get away from $2000-3000 in expenses. but I also have a lot of businesses that I trained that don't have the need for the softwares. When I got them into the software, they were able to build in the efficiencies into one place right out the gate."


Matt Plapp

The ROI Engine

"Where else can you get texting, email, phone, voice drop in one platform?... I see this as the software of the future. Setting your internal team and your clients' up for success."


Christina Nelson

Align Studio For Pilates


  • Can I get the Digital Suite without getting a website from you?

    We are giving away a One-page Strategic Website+ (worth $997) when you sign up for the Digital Suite, so you are missing out! The price is the same whether you get the website or not because the website is complimentary for our new users, therefore WHY NOT??
    Perhaps you already have a website and would just like to get the Digital Suite to power it up, it is certainly possible to just get the Digital Suite. We can install the web chat widget on your existing website.
    However if you have a website that was built a few years back, you might like to consider getting a new one through us. After all, digital technology upgrade every year. The old website you built was good for a few years ago but might not be smooth navigating or mobile responsive enough for today.

  • Can I get a website from you without getting the Digital Suite?

    Yes. However it is recommended to combine with the Digital Suite in order to make the website a revenue generating tool for your business instead of just merely a business storefront without any effective systematic process to capture visitor information or follow up with them after they leave the website. The Digital Suite is designed precisely to do this. 
    The current promotion is the giveaway of a One-Page Strategic Website (worth $997) for new sign-ups of Digital Suite. Without getting the Digital Suite, you have to pay the full price of $997 and thereafter $49/month for hosting, SSL and domain management. When you have the Digital Suite, these costs are included as part of the subscription. 

  • What's the catch for the One-Page Strategic Website+ giveaway for new Digital Suite users?

    There is no catch, mainly just frustration for us when the Digital Suite is unable to deliver max performance because the website doesn't function optimally. Website and Digital Suite needs to work hand in hand, this is why we are giving away the One-Page Strategic Website for all new Digital Suite sign-ups with the cheapest plan starting from only $97/month. YEXT ($99/month value) is even included for PRO plan onwards. The only thing we ask from you is a minimum of 1 year commitment. 

  • I want customized work, is the Digital Suite a good fit for me?

    We will set up the Digital Suite customized to your brand for your business. For enterprise level businesses that require intricate and specialized system customization, please reach out to our client specialist via the chat and we will send you a quote for the customization if we are able to do it.   

  • How long does it take to get my fully set up Digital Suite?

    You get your login details and can access your account immediately after payment. We will set up and brand customize your Digital Suite within 3-5 working days after getting the intake submission from you. We will also do an onboarding call with you to make sure that you understand fully how to use the system.

  • Who's the best fit for the Website+ Digital Suite?

    All businesses in any industry can use our Website+ Digital Suite automation to capture website visitors' information, generate revenue and effective management of your clientele using the CRM. This product is well suited for the small business and solopreneurs who wants an online effective an automated system that supports their website at an affordable rate. Digital suite subscription start from as low as $97/month.

  • What are your lock-in terms? Do you have a guarantee?

    We provide our users a 100% no-risk 30 days service guarantee. We have no long term contracts. When you become our user, we want to keep you long term by making sure that our services is getting you results that you want for your business. When at anytime you feel that we are not getting you results, please communicate with us your challenges and give us 30 days to improve. If we cannot improve in 30 days, we will let you out of our agreement.

  • How do we connect your GMB Page and Facebook account?

    To connect your business FB & GMB page to your online listing, you need to add us as an admin to your GMB and FB pages. We will reach out very soon after receiving the intake from you to add us as an admin user on both platforms. 

  • How much does SMS cost?

    Each SMS message up to 160 characters costs $0.03 each.