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One-Page Strategic Website+

Because One Page Is All You Need

  • Ready-To-Go Designer Websites

    Choose from our catalogue of ready-to-go designer website segments and we will assemble your website according to the style and tone of your business.

  • Brand Customization

    Our ready-to-go designer websites are customized with your branded logo and media to make them uniquely yours. We work fast and your website can go live as quickly as 14 days from intake.

  • Mobile-First Design

    Today more than 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, therefore it is so important for your website to be built on the mobile-first concept ensuring top notch web surfing experience for mobile users. It is a-must for a modern website to be easy-to navigate on the small screen of a mobile.

  • Fast Loading Secured Hosting

    We build websites using our in-house technology that is fast-loading and mobile responsive, primed with SEO. We take care of everything from the creative aspect to the technical aspect to hosting, domain and SSL security, making owning, updating and maintaining a website as effortless as possible for you.

One-Page Strategic Website+ becomes a mean revenue generating machine when coupled with the Digital Suite


What Goes On After Intake To Website Going Live?


Day 0. Intake Form

After payment, you will be re-directed to the intake form where we will get all the necessary information of your business to start the setup process and customization process with your branded media, brand colors, font, tone/style and existing contents matching your business profile.


Day 1-12. Setup and Content Integration

We integrate the content provided by you according to our page layouts for our basic web design. Once we’ve completed the branding phase of our page build, we integrate the content onto a prototype page layout which includes: Header, Menu, Cover, About Us, Services/Products, Contact Us, Footer. These pages will be sections on a one-page website.


Day 12-14. First Round Of Revision

Once branding and content integration is done, we will provide you insight into the website in preparation for your first revision phase will focuses on the following feedback to ensure we're on the right track:● Removal of sections● Color scheme● Fonts● Content review • Alignment of brandingAt this point, the website is already live and fully functionable. The amendments we make at the backend can be done concurrently and will not affect visitors' experience.


Day 15-20. Second Round Of Revision

We focus on the following feedback points:• Image Changes• Content Integration• Banner Elements (*not redesign)• Social Media Links


Day 21. Quality Assurance & Handover

Once the revisions have been conducted and the necessary changes are implemented, our Quality Assurance Team scores the website and performs an in-depth review, ensuring the website displaying properly on mobile with dynamically responsiveness for browsers and devices before handing over to you.


  • Why is One-Page Strategic Website+ is all I will need?

    Because one page is all your business need to have an effective online presence. What is more important is how this website is contributing to generating revenue for your business. This is why a website need the support of the digital suite to systemize the process of sales and marketing towards effective automation. 

  • How is a One-Page Strategic Website+ structured?

    ● Cover page● Products and/or services● About us: everything about the business - history, visions, mottos● Testimonial● Our team: show off your team members● Blog: only if you have existing articles● Call-to-action: download of e-book, sign up for newsletter, calendar appointment etc

  • What brand customisation?

    This means setting up your website with your business logo, brand color palette, contents (copywriting, blog articles etc) and branded media (photos, promotional video etc). 

  • Won't all the One-Page Strategic Website look the similar if they are ready made and not custom designed?

    Not at all because we will brand customize your website to be uniquely yours with your logo, media (photos and video) and brand colors. 

  • Is domain and hosting included?

    Yes. Hosting, domain and domain security SSL certification is all included for all Digital Suite users. For non-Digital Suite user, this service costs $49/m. The domain extensions included as part of our product offer are .com .net .org .co .cc. If you are looking for other extensions, please check with us if it is possible. Some domain extensions carry a high cost, in such cases we will bill you for the domain if you would like to proceed despite the cost.

  • Can I request custom design for my website?

    Custom design is NOT done for the One-Page Strategic Website because we pride on getting the website live within days, not weeks or months. Speed is possible because our One-page Strategic Websites are ready-made. However your website will be the uniquely yours with brand customization (set up and hosting with Digital Suite included). 
    Custom design is available for our custom designed websites, starting from $2997 onwards for up to 5 pages. Please get a quote as prices differ according to the degree of custom designs and animation requested. 

  • What happens if I don't know which domain name to get?

    You can use our non-branded generic domain "" as your domain for the time being. We can host your site as a directory ( on our domain. For digital namecard, it will be "". When you know which domain you would like for us to purchase for you, just let us know and we will transfer all the digital assets you have with us on your own branded domain at a later time. No hassle on your side.

  • Is logo creation, website copywriting or promotional media like photos and videos included?

    Stock photos related to your business used to brand customize your website is included. Copywriting for the website, which will include write-ups about your business, your "about us" and product or service description, is not included. The creation of videos, which includes logo animation, intro, outro and in-between or promotion video for product and service, is not included. 
    Logo + branding, Website copywriting can be purchased as add-on service for $495 each. Video creation is included in PRO+ plans.